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About Us

CemBR stands for Cement Business Research. And this is what we do. We research and report on all aspects of the cement business (strategic, operational, environmental and technical). Our reach is global. CemBR was set up to provide “value for money” services to companies and institutions interested in accurate and granular data in the global cement sector. The range of our services is continually expanding using high-tech internet platforms to deliver our research work to our clients. 

Our team is made up of researchers, analysts, consultants and advisors with extensive experience in the global cement sector – they do not work on any other sector. In addition, each report is supported by our significant network comprising of cement related professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the markets we examine. Our team members have working experience in more than 70 countries, covering all major cement markets in the world. In addition, we can and will find the right people in every single market we are asked to examine.

Currently CemBR offers the following services:

- Reports (both individual countries and regions) - accurate and insightful data on specific markets and industries 
- Bespoke Research - client driven studies on specific markets and topics

- Coming soon in 2020: 

CemBR Global Compendium (CGC) - the most accurate, insightful and continually updated database and intelligence platform covering the 90 largest markets in the world (new markets will be added throughout 2020 and 2021).