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CemBR Global Compendium (CGC) 

The most comprehensive and accurate cement related database and intelligence platform in the world. Formal launch: November 2020

At formal launch the CGC will cover the 90 largest cement markets, accounting for over 96% of cement consumption globally. The CGC will add new markets continually with a view to cover the whole world by the end of 2021.

Data will include both Market data and Manufacturing Facilities data. The data provided will be extensive and it will cover the last ten years. Particular emphasis will be given to current year data.

The CGC is accessed via an annual subscription set at very competitive levels.

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CemBR Forecasts - Coming soon

A twice per year forward looking report providing significant data, analysis, insights and forecasts on the 60+ largest markets in the world. 

CemBR EU ETS Database (CETS) - Coming soon

The most comprehensive and accurate carbon related database in the world. The CETS will be provided to CemBR's clients on a subscription basis.

The CETS will be launched on the EU ETS but it will expand to cover other ETSs globally. 

Data will include both Country data (31 EU ETS members) and Manufacturing Facilities data for all EU ETS participating cement plants. The depth of data will be extensive.

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