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Bespoke Research and Insights

What if the reader requires some special topics to be addressed when considering an investment in the cement sector? Topics such as:

  • Who are and why potential targets for acquisition in each market?
  • What insights might one draw from recent transactions in the sector? Can cement companies learn from other sectors?
  • What are the funding alternatives for an investment in the cement sector beyond the traditional commercial banks? What countries are more active in funding?
  • Which are the potential exporting destinations for a cement producer experiencing overcapacity in its home market?
  • What is the BAT in energy efficiency projects and how these have impacted the cost structure of cement plants that implemented them?
  • What is the sphere of influence of a specific plant or company / what is the trading impact a plant or company can make?
  • What are the new announced plants in a market and what is the probability of coming on stream and why?
  • What is the position of the authorities in each market regarding inward investments in cement related projects?
  • What if any is the forthcoming climate change legislation that might affect the operations of the cement industry in a given market?
  • How to address local resistance?
  • Should one vertically integrate in a given market and why?
  • When to say “better to walk away from this” and why?
  • Many other topics and issues specified by clients

These and more topics can be addressed by CemBR. The depth and level of confidence derived by our relevant reports is high arming the reader with both data, insights and analysis of unparalleled quality.

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